Why RHOBH’s Erika Jayne May Need to File Bankruptcy


Viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are wondering if Erika Jayne is in financial trouble and will have to file for bankruptcy.

Erika Jayne from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is raising a few eyebrows with his financial woes, leading fans to wonder if he’ll need to file for bankruptcy. The “Pretty Mess” singer has been living a low-budget lifestyle ever since her ex-husband Tom Girardi’s legal troubles began to come to the fore. While Erika hasn’t given up on her glam squad just yet, she is making some changes when it comes to spending.

For two seasons, all eyes have been glued to Erika’s story in RHOBH, which has consisted of a demand of 25 million dollars. Viewers learned that Tom’s law firm was accused of funneling money to his LLC. The disgraced lawyer has also been accused of embezzling money from the families of the victims of Lion Air Flight 610 to finance his and Erika’s lavish lifestyle. In recent months, Tom has spoken out from inside his memory care home, stating that he found it hard to believe that Erika knew nothing of her business dealings. Erika has been quiet but has started to open up a bit more to the RHOBH cameras


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The law firm of Tom, Girardi & Keese has already filed for bankruptcy, so RHOBH viewers wonder if Erika will have to do the same. Lifestyle via press reader recently shared an article questioning Erika’s finances. Erika’s financial struggle has long been a storyline for viewers, and she recently claimed that she couldn’t pay the $2.2 million tax debt she owed to the state of California. Even though fans of hers have seen her tone worn down by reusing an outfit more than once, it is obvious that Erika finds it difficult to maintain her once ostentatious lifestyle. A source told the outlet that Erika expected her salary from Bravo to cover her costs, but “they don’t, and she’s too proud to ask the other housewives for a loan.”


The source shared that Erika is doing her best to get back to the life she used to have, but her bills continue to pile up. According to the source, the debt has gotten so bad that she is “talking about filing for bankruptcy.” Therefore, it does not appear that the RHOBH Star’s money problems are getting better. Recently, a judge allowed a former client of Tom’s to pursue Erika for $11 million. Since then, the singer has had to make some lifestyle changes to stay afloat. As fans of hers know, Erika has already moved out of her mansion in Pasadena at $9,500 rent, which is a significant downgrade from her house with Tom.

With all her legal and financial problems, Erika has started drinking more and making a fool of herself. She even questioned Crystal Kung Minkoff’s eating disorder while she was at Diana Jenkin’s Christmas party. While Ella Erika may have had the best of intentions, fans were surprised at how she entertained such a touchy subject. Erika has been having fun this season, but some of the co-stars think she has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, but at this point, Erika is just trying to stay afloat.

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Source: Press reader

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