“We must base our relations with the African continent on reciprocity”


What are the links in this area of ​​real estate between Marseille and its region and Africa?

A V: With MIA’S, which I created with my associates, (Editor’s note: the company brings together real estate players and French construction professionals) we want to establish lasting relationships between African and European real estate ecosystems. We currently have three projects. One is to design a 20,000 m² real estate complex in Abidjan, comprising serviced residences, offices and shops. Another is to support French structures in Senegal who have decided to sell a significant real estate asset, how it is valued. And how to make sense of it tomorrow? Finally, we are supporting the establishment of the largest condominium in Cameroon, because this country is discovering this system. We are also transmitting.

What about North Africa?

A V: It is the natural link. Apart from the political problems that we can meet, and the economic problems as in Algeria where it is difficult to create a joint venture, the concern is to know how we, Marseilles entrepreneurs, can have collaborators on the spot – in the Maghreb, they are among the best trained – to attack sub-Saharan markets together. We have the example of Morocco, which represents the most strategic and the most organized development.

What’s up with Club Immobilier Marseille-Provence and MIAs?

A V: We will support the birth of the Dakar Real Estate Club which was created after our trip last year (editor’s note: February 2020). It will be called CIDAO: the Dakar Real Estate Club for West Africa. As for the MIAs, we are currently recruiting a General Delegate for Africa. He will be locally based in Abidjan. We are also developing a concept of “Baobab Village”, to study how to live differently in African cities.

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