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A popular Afrikaans musician and actor in South Africa has challenged claims he is homophobic after comparing same-sex relationships to bestiality.

In recent days, Steve Hofmeyr has received a lot of backlash from various civic organizations after posting a video on Facebook.

“Where my generation learned to talk to mice, ducks and dogs, our children will learn to have sex with mice, ducks and dogs. These relationships with animals are part of that + at the end of the LGBTQI+,” he said in part of the English-translated video.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and OUT, the second oldest LGBTQ rights organization in South Africa, called on Hofmeyr to retract his comments or face legal action.

“Based on the commission’s assessment of the statements made, it has determined that he appears to equate the LGBTIQ+ community with bestiality, which is a sexual offence, S13 of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2007 sexual offenses and related matters, and the Animal Welfare Act 1962,” the SAHRC said in a statement.

“The commission further determined that the comments, by equating a vulnerable section of society with criminals having sex with ‘mice, ducks and dogs’ can seriously demean and humiliate members of the LGBTIQ+ community, thus affecting their rights to equality and dignity as determined in Articles 9 and 10 of the Constitution, “he adds. “Moreover, the commission has therefore sent a letter of formal notice to Mr. Hofmeyr expressing his concerns about the remarks made and shared with his hundreds of thousands of followers and friends accordingly.If the demands of the commissions are not met, the commission reserves the right to take the matter to the Equality Tribunal to provide it with the appropriate remedy herein. This may include a claim for damages, as well as an order requiring the defendant to undergo community service at a center to support the prom promotion of the rights of vulnerable groups. »

Out’s human rights officer Lerato Phalakatshela, who is also one of the plaintiffs in the case, said Hofmeyr’s feelings are degrading and dehumanizing.

“Through these false and harmful statements, Hofmeyr perpetuates the narrative that LGBTIQ+ people are deviants and are inherently dangerous to children,” Phalakatshela said. “Spreading these blatant lies not only dehumanizes and other LGBTIQ+ people, but also provides fuel to justify stigma, discrimination and even violence against LGBTIQ+ people in South Africa, where over 24 LGBTQ+ people have been murdered last year Words have consequences!

“LGBTQ+ people don’t want any additional rights or privileges, but we have the right, like everyone else, to be appropriately represented in media for people of all ages,” Phalakatshela added. “However, we are pleased that the SAHRC has taken the first steps in addressing this issue and we urge it to pursue the matter until, at the very least, Hofmeyr unreservedly and publicly apologizes and retracts its comments in writing.”

At the same time, OUT has launched an online petition which, among other things, demands that Hofmeyr acknowledge that the acronym LGBTQ does not and is not intended to include bestiality, pedophilia and other illegal behavior and /or non-consensual and apologizes to the LGBTQ community in writing via a public statement within seven days. OUT urged the SAHRC to investigate and take appropriate action against him, including taking the case to the Equality Tribunal, if he fails to meet these requirements.

According to OUT, the petition also serves to express the anger and frustration felt by the LGBTQ community and its allies over the continued spread of harmful speech.

Hofmeyr nevertheless maintained that he had nothing more to say on the matter and he said what he said.

“I have nothing to add to the LGBTQ+ debate that I already said (sic) in the previous post,” he said. “Feel free to watch the video again. If you think I said gays sleep with animals, you’re too dumb for this conversation. Other gays are on my side.


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