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Twenty-seven University of Notre Dame students have been selected as finalists, and seven as alternates, for the 2022-23 Fulbright US Student Program. The number of finalists, including 23 undergraduates and four graduate students, is one more than last year despite 13 fewer applicants. Results are pending for a Notre Dame student. Scholarships are dependent on host country approvals, medical clearance, and submission of all required grant documents.

Established in 1946, the Fulbright US Student Program is the US government‘s flagship international exchange program, helping graduate and undergraduate students pursue higher education, teach English, or conduct research abroad.

Notre Dame had 26 Fulbright finalists last year and 29 the year before. He had a record 39 for the 2017-18 academic year. It has been among the most productive Fulbright institutions for eight consecutive years, alongside other top research institutions in the United States.

In applying to the program, undergraduate students work closely with the Flatley Center for Undergraduate Academic Engagement (CUSE) and graduate students with the Grants and Scholarships Office.

Jeffrey Thibert is the Paul and Maureen Stefanick director of CUSE.

“Congratulations to the 27 finalists and seven alternates for the Fulbright US Student Program 2022-23. And congratulations also to all 96 students and alumni who applied this year,” said Thibert. “I hope you all learned something about how to prepare applications from the process, whether this one was successful or not. I would like to thank all of the Notre Dame faculty and staff who formally serve on our campus committee and who informally serve as mentors for our applicants. Finally, I would especially like to thank this year’s CUSE Fulbright Advisors: Elise Rudt, Mathilda Nassar and Jenny Smith. Our advisors play a crucial role in ensuring candidates learn something from this process, and their work cannot be valued enough. »

Laura CarlsonVice President, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, said:As an academic institution, Notre Dame is committed to having a global impact. The continued success of our students in obtaining competitive Fulbright scholarships confirms that our students have a role to play as ambassadors who bring international experience. Our students want to be a force for good in the world, and the Fulbright program gives them the resources to make that happen. The Graduate School Grants and Scholarships Office is pleased to play an ongoing role in facilitating access to these resources.

The 27 finalists are:

• Cristian Araujo, class of 2022, political science and Latin studies (additional), teaching assistant of English in Brazil.

• Isabel Barnidge, Class of 2022, Honors English, Spanish (Additional) and Pre-Health (Additional), Teaching Assistant of English in Spain.

• Jaylexia Clark, doctoral candidate in sociology, scholarship and research in Ghana.

• Julia Cogan, M.Ed. student (Alliance for Catholic Education), English teaching assistant in Spain.

• Alena Coleman, Class of 2022, Honors English and Honors Spanish and English Teaching Assistant in Uruguay.

• Theodora D’Eramo, Class of 2022, English and Mathematics (additional), English teaching assistantship in South Korea.

• Devin Diggs, Class of 2022, Neuroscience and Behaviour, UK Study and Research Fellowship.

• Duncan Donahue, Class of 2022, Sociology and Peace Studies (Additional), English Teaching Assistant in Germany.

• Olivia Dopheide, class of 2022, anthropology, English teaching assistant in Colombia.

• Cassidy Ferrell, Class of 2022, Political Science and Global Affairs (additional), English teaching assistant in Belgium.

• Rachel Ingal, class of 2021, specialization in political science, teaching assistant of English in Spain.

• Sophia Kics, class of 2022, Spanish and pre-health (additional), English teaching assistant in Mexico.

• Megan Ludke, class of 2022, pre-vocational studies and psychology, English teaching assistant in Poland.

• Elizabeth Maxwell, class of 2022, business analysis and Spanish (additional), teaching assistant of English in Spain.

• James Moster, Class of 2022, Liberal Studies and Political Science Program, English teaching assistantship in Belgium.

• Abigail Patrick, Class of 2022, Anthropology and Specialized English, English Teaching Assistantship in the Czech Republic.

• Margaret Rauch, Class of 2022, IT and Chinese (additional), English teaching assistant in Taiwan.

• Cristina Ruiz, class of 2022, anthropology and sociology, English teaching assistant in Mexico.

• Carissa Salamatin, class of 2022, science-business, English teaching assistant in Kazakhstan.

• Lauren Sinnock, M.Ed. student (Alliance for Catholic Education), English teaching assistant in Botswana.

• Marinella Stollenwerk Cavallaro, Class of 2022, Political Science, English teaching assistant in Mexico.

• Emma Strouse, Class of 2021, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics and Psychology, English Teaching Assistant in Spain.

• Naya Tadavarthy, Class of 2022, Honors Art Studio and German, Study and Research Fellowship in Austria.

• Maria Teel, class of 2022, political science and teaching assistant in French, English in Senegal.

• Zoe Tulauskas, class of 2021, honors biochemistry and Chinese (supplementary), teaching assistant of English in Taiwan.

• Mabry Webb, class of 2022, science-business and Spanish (additional), teaching assistant of English in Spain.

• Anna Zappa, Master’s student in Education (Alliance for Catholic Education), teaching assistant for English in Spain.

The application window for the US Fulbright Student Program 2023-24 is currently open. For more information or to apply, visit (undergraduate/ACE) or ( graduate).


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