Telangana software engineer drowns in USA: the Tribune India


Naveen S Garewal

Tribune press service

Hyderabad, July 14

Tragedy struck the family of a 31-year-old software engineer from the Adilabad district of Telangana when he accidentally drowned in a lake in Washington DC in the United States of America on Sunday.

The accident was revealed today. Identified as Aleti Nihar Reddy, the youngest son of Laxma Reddy and Shobha Reddy, the software engineer hails from the village of Bhorigaon in Echoda Mandal. When news of Aleti reached the village, the whole neighborhood mourned.

According to relatives, who first heard of the accident from the parents of the deceased, Aleti was on vacation at the Sammamish Lake Waterfalls, a popular tourist spot in Washington DC, when his foot slipped and he fell in Lake.

The whole family was together, but no one was able to save him. By the time help arrived, he had drowned and was pronounced dead after being taken out. “It was an accident, his foot slipped in a slippery place and he fell into the lake, causing him to drown because he could not swim,” repeated a resident as the family told him.

Aleti and his brother Nikhil moved to the United States about three years ago. Two years ago, he married a girl from Hyderabad in 2019 and is now expecting their first child. The parents of the deceased were visiting the two sons, and all had decided to take advantage of Sunday by going for a picnic. The incident sent shockwaves through family and friends.

Meanwhile, Jaya, the wife of a Shanmukha, from Vishakhapatnam in neighboring Andhra Pradesh, called on the government for help as her husband was arrested and jailed in Dakar, Senegal on charges of trafficking. drug. She said her husband was tricked because the employer did not want to pay the accumulated wages.

Giving details to the media, Jaya said her husband worked in Uganda but came to India due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As he could not find a job here, he accepted the offer to sail, which he did before the wedding. She said four of the seven crew members arrested from the cargo ship ASSO 6 were Indians – Shanmukha from Visakhapatnam and Mahesh from Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh, and two others, Chandan and Krishna.

She said her husband told her he had no idea the ship was carrying drugs and that he and the other Indians were innocent. All were held in a prison in Dakar, and they can only communicate with their families through a Senegalese who they had met in prison and who has since been released. Jaya said she was seeking the support of Indian authorities to have her husband and other crew members released and taken to India.

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