Senegal: NDMA boss says Casamance conflict has displaced more than 13,000 people


The Executive Director of the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), Sanna Dahaba, in an interview with this media, revealed that more than 13,184 people have been displaced since the Senegalese Forces launched attacks against the Movement Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC).

The NDMA director added that the conflict in the area has caused severe fear and displacement among the public.

According to agency data, 1,648 households have been affected.

He also said that the NDMA does not have a separate camp for internally displaced people, which he said remains a major challenge for them.

Mr. Dahaba commended the government as well as its partners for the timely intervention in supporting the affected families.

Furthermore, he claimed that not all the affected families have been supported, but many of them have received food and clothing, among others.

According to him, a detailed assessment has been conducted and the data collected will be presented to the Office of the Vice President who will indicate the type of support that the families really need. He therefore assured that they would support both the IDPs and their host families.

The NDMA Director said support for affected families is crucial as they are taxpayers first and foremost. Mr Dahaba further commended the Brikama Regional Council (BAC) for providing 650 kilogram (25 kg) bags of rice to the affected families.

The Senegalese Forces launched a first attack on January 24 where seven Senegalese soldiers were arrested, but were later released after a diplomatic engagement.

On March 13, 2022, Senegalese forces again launched an attack on the MFDC resulting in the displacement of thousands of people as explosive shells reportedly landed in border villages.


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