Rwandans living in Senegal get new rulers


The Association of Rwandans Living in Senegal elected a new executive committee on Monday, August 9, which will be headed by Jovith Ndahinyuka and replaced by Antoinette Habinshuti.

Bellancile Musabyemariya was also elected, who will be the secretary general of the committee.

Others who were elected were the leaders of the youth body and a task force to promote culture.

Speaking after his election, Ndahinyuka said they were ready to build on the work of their predecessors to advance unity among Rwandans living in Senegal and to work for the betterment of Rwanda as well as to achieve more. friends for Rwanda.

“In particular, we have set up a cultural organization which will place particular emphasis on teaching Rwandan youth the values ​​of Rwandan culture,” he added.

The new president (L) and vice president.

Patrick Karamaga, the outgoing president of the association said that they have organized the elections to add new blood to the committee and also to ensure that they have leaders who will be regularly available in Senegal.

The Rwandan Ambassador to Senegal, Jean Pierre Karabaranga, praised the work of the outgoing team, especially during the preparation of the annual national events.

These include the commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, Liberation Day, National Heroes Day, International Women’s Day, Indigenous Language Day, Day of Umuganura (cultural harvest) as well as special programs for young people.

He stressed that although some members of the outgoing committee are new members of the interim committee, “they have played a crucial role in the preparation and implementation of various programs organized by the Embassy in collaboration with the Rwandan community”.

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