Nigeria needs restructuring at all costs, insists UK Afenifere


The Afenifere group in the UK and Europe has again advocated the restructuring of Nigeria by all means by the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying this is the only way to show genuine concern for fairness, d equity and justice for all Nigerians across geography. political areas.

The group said that unless Nigeria is restructured, one ethnic group, especially the Fulani, will continue to dominate the country’s political space and the rest of Nigerians.

The group, in a statement made available by its secretary, Mr. Anthony Ajayi, an engineer, said the continued unrest and demands for cessation by various ethnic groups in the country, especially the Yoruba and Igbos, are an indication clear that Nigeria is no longer a united country. .

The group said the unrest was caused by the lopsided nature of the political space and the leader’s nepotism who they say favors people from one tribe over others, adding that this is not the type nationalist leaders, including sage Obafemi Awolowo, the first prime minister of the Western region fought for political independence.

The group said the current administration with a Fulani as its leader for ignoring the call to restructure the country to favor each geopolitical area is clear evidence that the Fulani want to perpetuate the slavery of other tribes.

According to them, even if the majority of the agitators of the autonomy of each of the regions, including the leader Sunday Adeyemo, in other words Sunday Igboho are young people, they have the right to do so since they are tired of living as slaves in their own country and they should not be blamed for their thoughts.

Speaking further, the group said it was sad and unacceptable that the Fulani control virtually all important posts in the country, from the presidency to the army, the police, the tax office, the sea and at airports, among others.

He said: “It becomes more annoying to see children from the north who score much lower than their peers in the south of the country on exams and proficiency tests to place themselves above them for admission to schools. higher education and also to get a juicy job and promotion in the workplace.

“We also know that the Fulani from the Republic of Niger, Senegal, Mali, Chad and so on freely migrate into the country across the northern borders and join their parents in Nigeria to kidnap and kill innocent Nigerians in their homes and farms.

“They collect the ransom and use some of the money to buy more weapons to do evil against the rest of us.

“So Nigeria should be restructured, otherwise the government should allow areas where people claim autonomy to go their separate ways and make life worth living for their people. “

The group said that the Yoruba nation, in particular, has what it takes in terms of human and material resources and all the other things needed to present itself as an independent and prosperous country.


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