Luisaviaroma Sustainability Project Advances Philanthropy Path for Italian Retailer


Andrea Panconesi, the former third-generation CEO and now president and chairman of Luisaviaroma, is making his desire to let the forward-thinking luxury retailer represent more than stylish clothing come true. A new photo collection on the climate crisis, My earth beats– which documents the impact of climate change and solutions to combat it through a language that uses art, photography, storytelling and investigative journalism – published the latest installment “Toy Stores” by photographer Gabriele Galimberti in partnership with ExtremeE to promote the rewilding project in England which restores a thriving ecosystem to urban and rural areas. The #myEIB initiative is part of the LVRSustainable division that helps fight climate change told through photographic art and storytelling. The 91-year-old Florentine trader with a physical store and a healthy global e-commerce business is invested in the notion that doing good is good for business.

“As a private label we can do whatever we want with our money; we invest our money where we think it can make a difference in a good way,” Panconesi said in a summer interview. last in conjunction with another philanthropic effort that the brand is known for; the UNICEF fundraising gala. (The brand finalized a deal with its first partner, Style Capital at the end of October this year; Panconesi retains 60% of the business.) “My experience tells me that if you invest in a good cause, you get twice as much, “he explains of his philanthropic strategy. Despite sponsoring large-scale events and projects, the president insists he spends less than his competitors on social media marketing on platforms such as Google.

and Facebook.

the My earth beats campaign launched in March 2021, enlisting Galimberti, with his award-winning colleague photographer, Luca Locatelli, as well as journalist Raffaele Panizza to highlight environmental issues on a global scale. According to a statement, in just ten months of reporting, the project team says they have “gone from being afraid to being confident that the world will breathe new life and be saved, much like the rest of the world, thanks to to new ecological measures “. consciousness.’

So far, the team has followed partner Extreme E, the all-terrain electric car race to bring attention to climate change, to document severe environmental conditions in Saudi Arabia, Lac Rose, Senegal. ; Kangerlussuaq, Greenland; Sardinia, Italy and Dorset, England. In the first stage, the project drew attention to desertification; in central Senegal, the focus was on mangrove reforestation, a smart biome capable of sealing the landscape against rising sea levels. Then the tour headed to Greenland, to narrate the story of Inua, the climate superheroes. The fourth took place in Sardinia, amid forest fires and dives in the ocean meadows of Posidonia considered the Mediterranean Amazon. This last stop was England, in the rewilding region between London and Dorset.

The latest photo, taken in West Dorset, shows Viscount Luke Montagu and his wife Julie who, inspired by their environmental activist and vegetarian teenage son Nestor, have decided not to renew the lease of their land to various meat producers. The effort will bring the wildlife and vegetation of Mapperton Estate back to life. The rewilding philosophy aims to restore natural processes in landscapes that have been degraded by man.

“We have been inspired by experiences such as the one at Knepp Castle in West Sussex, created by curator Isabella Tree,” said Montagu, adding “we will be bringing Exmoor ponies and beavers to a plot of 1000 hectares for a biodiversity project called Mapperton Wildlands here; soon we will be running real safaris. “

My earth beats under the #myEIB is an image gallery available to media and influencers around the world, who, country by country, from China to the United States, have posted, reposted, commented on and published a vast unheard of experience of ‘citizen journalism. ‘ National Geographic The Instagram profile itself has repeatedly posted documented stories on My Earth Is Beating.

“For each stage, Locatelli and Galimberti and Panizza will make available to the press, then to collective knowledge, a selection of stories and beautiful decisive plans”, specifies Andrea Panconesi, president of LuisaViaRoma, “who at the end of this great an odyssey of consciousness will be further reinforced on the occasion of an international exhibition in Florence, the city where LuisaViaRoma has its headquarters: cradle of the Renaissance and not by chance also of this new climatic renaissance to which we are all called to contribute our contribution. “

“My Earth Beats represents an important opportunity to make known the world of Natural Solutions ”, declared Locatelli and Panizza, artistic and editorial directors respectively of the project,“ If man helps nature to reclaim its own spaces, nature can save itself. And therefore all of us. “

For Panconesi, these charitable acts were his sole prerogative as a private company until recently, when the partnership with Style Capital came into effect. The President made it clear that since it was his own money, he wanted to make a difference with his work. This was prompted in many cases by the insistence of her daughter Luisa urging the family patriarch to become more philanthropic,


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