Jurgen Klopp slams government as Liverpool boss targets new Covid plans


Under new plans, players on international missions to Red List countries will not be allowed to see their families, but will have to be confined to a hotel of their choice, when not involved in the game or training.

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Klopp gives insight into Liverpool Premier League clash against Man City

Jurgen Klopp condemned the government‘s complex plans to allow players to travel on international assignments to Red List countries as “simply not correct”.

New rules were introduced on Friday that now allow players traveling for matches in red zone countries like Brazil to train and play immediately upon their return … as long as they isolate themselves outside of the hours of football.

This means that they CANNOT return home to their families, but must be confined to a hotel of their choice, when not involved in gambling or training.

Players must also have all food delivered to their bedroom doors to avoid contact with people outside of their football bubble, and Klopp was in disbelief of the plans.

Jurgen Klopp not impressed with new Red List country plans

“What I really don’t like is that I don’t think it’s well thought out,” he fumed.

“It’s like someone in the government opens the door to an important office and says’ by the way, we still have to sort out the footballers’, and someone says’ why what’s wrong not at home? “.

“They say ‘they play on the red list and they don’t like the 10 day quarantine hotel’, so they just say ‘let them go to another hotel then.’ No, no, come on boys! We take people out of normal life for three weeks and their families for no real reason.

“We take care of our players. They are here, they live with their families, they do nothing else. They come to training and go home. Now we have to put them in a hotel and deliver their food? It is not fair.

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Liverpool could have four players forced into isolation after the next international break, with their two Brazilians Alisson and Fabinho as well as Senegalese Sadio Mane and Kostas Tsimikas all expected to travel to the red zone countries.

Under a tailor-made quarantine exemption agreed between the Premier League, government and health authorities, fully vaccinated players can travel and then play for their clubs upon their return, if they follow strict guidelines.

But Klopp says the decision is madness. “It’s 10 days of quarantine, allowed to play games, allowed to go to work, but not allowed to live at home,” he explained.

“You don’t have to live in a hotel chosen by the authorities – you can choose the hotel yourself, but the food must be delivered to your room door. You are not authorized to receive visitors. If this is the solution, I don’t know where it came from.

Alisson and Fabinho are said to be among those affected by the new plans

“It would mean for the players that they leave for 10 to 12 days with their national teams and then leave for another 10 days away from their families in quarantine. It’s been 22 days, and then two weeks later there’s the next international break.

“It doesn’t seem like a real solution to me. I’m looking at the situation seriously, what do we do? We just shift the responsibility to the players; can you do that, will you

And if you don’t, then don’t go to your national team. This is not true. I just think it’s not correct that we are constantly shifting the responsibility to the players. This is really not OK.

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