Fake drug busts, alleged re-election funding in Fahie trafficking plot


Finance Minister Andrew Fahie

Prime Minister Andrew Fahie allegedly agreed to a plot that allegedly involved false/pre-planned drug seizures designed to deflect suspicion from himself in a drug and money laundering scheme, a criminal affidavit filed in the States has shown. United States (United States).

According to the court complaint filed in the U.S. Southern District of Florida, the plan was also designed to create the appearance that the prime minister would “combat drug trafficking” in the BVI using low-quality cocaine.

Prime Minister Fahie reportedly laughed when he accepted the suggestion put forward by an undercover informant working with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration on the case which has been ongoing since at least October 2021. Fahie reportedly laughed before telling the informant that he (the informant) had thought of everything.

Re-election Campaign Fund

Meanwhile, the court document further alleged that the informant, who posed as a member of Mexico’s notorious Sinaloa drug cartel, told the prime minister he was interested in funding the prime minister’s re-election campaign. Fahie.

According to the complaint, the informant also asked Prime Minister Fahie to allow him to participate in choosing Prime Minister Fahie’s eventual successor if the drug and money laundering scheme initially went well.

The complaint said it was to ensure the continuity of their drug operations.

Details of the affidavit show that the informant asked to do an initial 3,000 kilo test in Miami, which would have been followed by four months of 3,000 kilo loads crossing the island of Tortola two or three times a month. . The US court document further stated that they would then take a break for a few months before resuming.

Prime Minister Andrew Fahie would have accepted this proposal.

And according to the complaint, when the parties finished discussing the details of the cocaine transport plan, the informant asked, “That part is good, isn’t it?” and Premier would have said “yes”.

I will get the money

While explaining the details of the plan, the affidavit showed that Prime Minister Fahie had asked if the informant was an undercover agent and the informant responded in a way that reassured the Prime Minister that he was not.

To further dispel suspicions that he was an undercover agent, the informant allegedly explained to Prime Minister Fahie, “Well, first of all, you don’t touch anything.”

But Fahie reportedly replied, “I will get one thing, the money.”

And in explaining why he was concerned about enforcement, the Prime Minister allegedly told the informant that the British had been trying for years to get him to quit.

The Prime Minister reportedly said, “I have a lot of people, and I’m not selling them to the Brits with their plans, their plans are to catch everyone like what you said. . . they always want to capture people, but I see what they are doing and I protect people.

Fahie, who has been a lawmaker since 1999, also reportedly shared with the insider that “it took me 20 years to get here and I don’t want to leave in 20 minutes.”

Meanwhile, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said she was “appalled by these serious allegations”; adding that “this arrest demonstrates the importance of the recently concluded Commission of Inquiry”.

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