Cosafa Cup matches: Zambia to start title defense against Comoros, South Africa to face Botswana


The tournament schedule for Nelson Mandela Bay has been released and will start on July 6 with Eswatini facing Lesotho in the opener

Zambia will bow out at the historic 20th Cosafa Cup on July 7 when they play in Comoros at Isaac Wolfson Stadium.

According to the schedule released on Tuesday, Eswatini and Lesotho will kick off the tournament at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on July 6, before the South African hosts meet Botswana at the same location later today.

Six-time winner Zimbabwe will be in action on July 8 against Mozambique in the same venue, while guest nation West Africa Senegal will also enter the fray on their debut against Namibia.

The group stages will end on July 14, with the semi-finals, for the three group winners and the top-placed runner-up to be played two days later at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

The winner of Group A, which includes South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Eswatini, will face the best runners-up from the semi-finals, with the winners of Groups B (Zambia, Malawi, Comoros, Madagascar) facing the winners of Group C (Senegal, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique).

The losing semi-finalists will take part in the bronze medal match on July 18, with the final taking place later today. Both can be found on the beautiful site of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Cosafa has also confirmed that due to Covid-19 restrictions, all matches will be played without fans and will take place behind closed doors, while the limit on the number of people who will be on site at the venues means it won’t nor will there be any media present.

Cosafa complete luminaires;

July 6: Group A: Eswatini vs Lesotho and South Africa vs Botswana.

July 7: Group B: Madagascar vs Malawi and Zambia vs Comoros.

July 8: Group C: Mozambique vs Zimbabwe and Senegal vs Namibia

July 9: Group A: Lesotho vs Botswana and South Africa vs Eswatini.

July 10: Group B: Malawi vs Comoros and Madagascar vs Zambia

July 11: Group C: Zimbabwe vs Namibia and Mozambique vs Senegal

July 13: Group B: Comoros vs Madagascar and Zambia vs Malawi

July 13: Group A: Botswana vs Eswatini and South Africa vs Lesotho

July 14: Group C: Namibia vs Mozambique and Senegal vs Zimbabwe.

July 16: Semi-finals: Winner A versus Best runner-up and Winner B versus Winner C

July 17: Losing play-offs for third place semi 1 vs Loser Semi 2

July 18: – Final.


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