Coaches from Benin, Senegal and Morocco participate in Foundation Match for Africa


NEW STORIES. 10/18/2021

The event represented the first training workshop of the season for socio-sports schools on the African continent.

Coaches and educators from the Foundation’s socio-sports schools in Benin, Senegal and Morocco participated in the Foundation Match online training workshop. The session provided a meeting point where participants could discuss practical strategies regarding the methodology related to sharing club values, while representing a key element in the continued development of coaches in different countries.

On this occasion, the training was aimed at educators from French-speaking countries of socio-sports schools in northern and central Africa in collaboration with the Misiones Salesianas of Porto Novo, Thiès and Dakar; Proyde in Akassato; and Paideia in Tangier. In these countries, the emphasis is on the need to individualize the teaching-learning model for the benefit of the participants.

Rigorous methodology
The educators shared their thoughts, experiences and strategies regarding the application of the training principles which define the in-depth methodology and involve linking learning to play as a natural means of learning for children, participation as an effective strategy to enable all students to remain active during training sessions and the importance of contextualizing the learning experience.

The Foundation Match provided a meeting point in which the Real Madrid Foundation the teaching staff discusses ways of conceptualizing sport from an education in values ​​and motivation and learning to be acquired through the sport practiced by children in socio-sport schools.

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