Apply for a loan without bank statements – fast & unbureaucratic

Apply for a loan without bank statements – fast & unbureaucratic


Applying for a loan without bank statements may not seem so easy at first glance. But who risks a second or third look, recognizes relatively quickly that there are certainly ways for it. And we would like to briefly point out and outline these at this point. More exposition at

Why apply for a loan without bank statements?

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Bank statements are a tiresome subject when it comes to applying for a loan. As a rule, banks want to see them. You want an overview of the income and expenses of the prospect. And this is achieved quite well when the bank statement is submitted. There are – so far completely present – all account movements of a month recorded. The prospective loaner can not disguise his economic circumstances.

What a lot of borrowers but also a problem. For example, an overdrawn account is not necessarily the best advertisement one can make when borrowing.

There are also account movements that may indicate payment arrangements, which are also less favorable for borrowing. Affected therefore try to apply for a loan without taking account statements. Not because they are dishonest. Rather, they want to go with the best possible conditions in the borrowing.

And these are sometimes given without a bank statement.

Apply for credit without bank statements – that’s how it works

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Applying for the loan without bank statements does not require a special lender. It is sufficient if the selected donor is asked whether the income and expenses can be proven even without the bank statements. In general, this is possible, but associated with a greater effort than in the account statements. Because now not only salary proofs must be sought.

It also has to prove expenses such as rent, electricity, telephone, insurance and much more. And with official documents that can be submitted.

The extra work that goes along with it can be immense and should always be considered. A very good opportunity to apply for a loan without bank statements exists even if a simple consumer loan is requested from a merchant. If you speak directly in the business, usually only the identity card is needed for the financing. All other information can be made orally.

But only that can be financed, what has the dealer in an assortment. There is also a certain limitation.

Apply for a loan without bank statements – good idea?

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The question is therefore in the room, how good the idea is ultimately to want to take the credit without account statements. Alone by the extra effort, this step should be considered well. If there are good reasons, he may be understandable. However, if the loan is to be taken up in this way, because the bank statements are not available or not up-to-date, the step is not worthwhile.

Then it is better to request the statements simply at the house bank and then submit them. Most of the extracts from last month are enough. If you do online banking, you can also print it there. This is fast and costs neither time nor money.

Our tip:

Whether the loan is to be taken with or without a bank statement – it is always important that a good credit rating is available. In addition, everyone should be aware that the bank rarely deviates from their requirements for very high loan amounts.

It may therefore be that the loan can be applied for with a high sum only with bank statements.