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Adebanji Akintoye is a retired history teacher and Afenifere leader

The Afenifere group in the UK (UK) and Europe said the federal government’s refusal to restructure the country gives credence to the claim that part of the country wants to enslave the rest of Nigerians.

The group, in a statement made yesterday by its secretary, Ingr. Anthony Ajayi, said the issue of a Nigeria was gradually becoming prejudicial and sarcastic, noting that virtually all areas or regions are now agitating for secession due to the current level of nepotism in the country.

The statement added that the behavior of the government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari goes against the ideology of a Nigeria for which the Yoruba fought.

Ajayi noted that in every election period, the Fulani coaxed the southerners into believing their manifesto which included restructuring, but swept it aside when they came to power.

“Obviously, the Peuls did not want restructuring. They want to oppress us in our father’s land, but they cannot succeed. The question of a Nigeria could soon become a mirage, ”he said.

He added that those who campaigned for autonomy today were mostly young people, stressing that they were right to do so as they could not continue to live as slaves in their own country. He said the elders should not place the responsibility on them because they are the next generation.

“The Fulani with whom we now live hate peaceful coexistence. They occupy all the important positions in Nigeria be it army, police, tax collection, ports, etc. They brought the strength of nepotism. The uneducated and semi-educated are placed in higher positions than other well-educated Nigerians.

“They are opening our borders to the Fulani of Niger, Senegal, Mali, Chad and other countries God has given them the land of Nigeria to own. They are arming themselves to kidnap and kill other Nigerians on their farms. They demand a ransom to buy ammunition. They oppress us, but we cannot be slaves in our homeland. We will make turmoil for the Yoruba nation so that we can govern ourselves instead of a dysfunctional Nigeria, ”he said.


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