Month: November 2019

Credit despite collection – despite extremely difficult case

Anyone who has already had to make acquaintance with a debt collection company is usually in great financial difficulties. Taking a loan despite collection is therefore usually not easy. Because often the debts have already left their mark on the Credit Bureau. When will a debt collection company be turned on? For a creditor to […]

Find the cheapest lender that lends USD 150,000

If you want to borrow USD 150,000 you have found the right article on this site as you find here information and links that can help you with this. A quick comparison of interest rates from various lenders that lend this amount can be found under the article. More commentary at Consumer Lending When […]

Delete credit bureau entry – quickly creditworthy again

Deleting the unloved Credit Bureau entry before applying for a loan can be a wise decision. If this succeeds, the creditworthiness of the borrower improves immensely and all regular loan offers can be envisaged. More commentary at To properly delete the Credit Bureau entry, it is important to follow a certain order. Step by […]